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Clinic Services and Highlights:- 

Preventive Health Care in Children's Medical Home


Bring all Concerns and worries about your child 👶 health for discussion and go back free without any worries and concerns (keep them safe with us 😊)

  • Prevention Is Better Than Cure – More importance to Preventive care

  • Growth (Physical) Monitoring - by Weight by Age; Height by Age and most scientific way - by BMI for age monitoring.

To promote children's optimal growth and intervene at most appropriate time if required.

  • Psychological and Emotional Growth Monitoring - To promote children's optimal development in the areas of Speech, Vision, Language, Emotional well-being.

  • Safe Place and Open Environment to talk your concern with Doctor

  • Minimum Medicines Maximum Counselling - Minimum or No Medicine Policy (Medicines only if required - more emphasis on counselling)

  • Proper Communication is the key for success: Most of times medicines are not required for minor illnesses in children. Many illnesses are self limited, what we need is just careful observation and understanding red flag signs and proper two way communication between Parents and Pediatrician.

  • Family Health is our priority. Childs's overall health and development is dependent on family environment. We try to discuss about best possible ways to keep family envornment healthy, not only for children, but also for all family members of the family.  

  • Sufficient time for each patient at each visit for counselling - about illness causes, progress, complications, preventive care, treatment, medicines, diet and any other related information in detail.

  • Get all relevant document printouts in detail within 2-3 minutes after checking ( illness certificate, school fitness certificate, Bills, Immunization charts etc.)

  • We have maintained computerized medical history records of all our patients from the start of our clinic to date (more than 25 years)

  • We study medical history of your baby before each visit (Growth – Vaccination - previous illness patterns)

  • Careful patient hearing (We listen)

  • email facility for Health Records available (as per the request)

  • We do not believe in default treatment (Same treatment for everyone for similar illness). We Manage each and every patient uniquely after giving a thought about best possible option suitable for each and every visit.


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