Clinic Services and Highlights:- 

Preventive Health Care in Children's Medical Home


Bring all Concerns and worries about your child 👶 health for discussion and go back free without any worries and concerns (keep them at us 😊)

  • Prevention Is Better Than Cure – More importance to Preventive care

  • Growth (Physical) Monitoring - by Weight by Age; Height by Age and most scientific way - by BMI for age monitoring.

To promote children's optimal growth and intervene at most appropriate time if required.

  • Psychological and Emotional Growth Monitoring - To promote children's optimal development in the areas of Speech, Vision, Language, Emotional well-being.

  • Safe Place and Open Environment to talk your concern with Doctor

  • Minimum Medicines Maximum Counselling - Minimum or No Medicine Policy (Medicines only if required - more emphasis on counselling)

  • Sufficient time for each patient at each visit for counselling - about illness causes, progress, complications, preventive care, treatment, medicines, diet and any other related information in detail.

  • Get all relevant document printouts in detail within 2-3 minutes after checking ( illness certificate, school fitness certificate, Bills, Immunization charts etc.)

  • We have maintained computerized medical history records of all our patients from the start of our clinic to date

  • We study medical history of your baby before each visit (Growth – Vaccination - previous illness patterns)

  • Careful patient hearing (We listen)

  • email facility for Health Records available (as per the request)

  • We do not believe in default treatment (Same treatment for everyone for similar illness). We Manage each and every patient uniquely after giving a thought about best possible option suitable for each and every each and every visit.


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